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How to Report a MexiPass Claim

To file your claim, please click on the link below. You will then be directed to the insurance company's contact page where you will submit your claim. Once you are directed to the site, follow the directions below to submit your claim.  After submitting your request a claims representative will contact you shortly to go over your claim.


Steps to follow under Contact MexiPass by Email:

1. Who you are:  Select "CLAIMANT"
2. Select a department:  Select "CLAIMS"
3. Your Name:  Type in your full name as it appears on the policy.
4. Your Email:  Type in your email you would like your correspondences sent to.
5. Your Phone Number:  The number you prefer being contacted on.
6. Content:  Type the reason for your claim.
7. Send Message:  ** CLAIM SUBMITTED **